Dogs help breakdown human barriers

Dog Interactions helping us to breakdown those shy human barriers.

In the distance I could see the most beautiful rich black and fluffy Newfoundland, so fluffy I couldn’t see his dog collar even though he was wearing one. I went straight up to it resisting my desire to throw my arms around it and get a big *Newfi hug.
I would like to think I politely interrupted the table of eight to ask if I could pat the dog but I am sure I was more like a storm trouper and demanded instant attention.

While patting the Newfoundland I became aware of the whole table looking and smiling at me. In that moment we were all connected in admiration of such a beautiful and regal dog. I had totally interrupted their morning coffee but in that moment it was OK and a conversation started between us all. A short conversation about dogs, coffee and friends, it lasted for no more than a few minutes. I had one more pat and cheekily snuck in a “Newfi” hug, wished them a lovely day and off I went.

While walking away I thought about the interaction and how amazing it is that dogs have the ability to unite us. They do so in such an subliminal way that its easy to overlook the beauty of such interaction’s they create between us humans.
If a dog had not been at the table I definitely would not have approached them, why would I?

Dogs manage to drop the barrier between the awkwardness of the first introduction in human interaction. How often can you walk up to someone and have something instantly and obviously in common. A direct introductory topic is already there, smiling, panting at you both encouraging you to connect.
Dogs do it so simply, a happy run up to you in the dog park, inciting a look to the owner and instantly a human connection is made but not only that a connection is made to a creature who makes no judgement but offers something to you, some kindness that is hard to find but somehow it fills up the emptiness and makes us feel good.

Dogs unit us and dogs are able to remind us to interact with others. Its a good thing as life seems to be getting more isolating but the dogs are there reminding us that we are social creatures and we strive on social interactions. You’ve got to love that about dogs, I certainly do.

*Newfi Hug – Is one of the best dog hugs you can ever get. Newfoundlands are the dog versions of a bear minus the teeth and claws. Very gentle, loving dogs and hard to resist asking for a pat and hug when you see one. I wander what sort of dog collar design we could do especially for a Newfoundland. Or maybe a special dog lead that suits your tall stance.