Dog Rescue People are amazing!

I stumbled across this great YouTube video from an American dog rescue association. The video captures a dog rescue of a totally blind dog. It’s quite sad to see a dog dumped in such conditions but great to see it adopted – after a well deserved wash from the dog rescuers and of course a new dog collar and a new dog lead.

I’m continuously inspired by the hard work of dog rescue volunteers and dog rescue professionals. At the Casterton Kelpie Muster in 2011 I was fortunate to meet a few volunteers from the Australian Working Dog Rescue Inc. They are focused on re-homing retired or thrown away working dogs. They¬†are a non profit organisation whose primary function is to save working dog breeds from being euthanased in council pounds and shelters and find new homes for them. We cover the entire east coast of Australia which encompasses Qld, NSW, Vic and SA.