Akita Inu Dog Breed

The Akita Inu Dogs are one of the most beautiful calm yet powerful and strong dogs. They are native Japanese dogs and have a long history – luckily, as they almost became extinct during World War II. During the war the winters were very harsh and the north was isolated, food and amenities were rationed to poor everything into the war machinery. The unfortunate side affect of this was that dogs were not allowed to be kept, particularly Akita’s as they eat so much and also the dogs were killed for their coats. The Akita fur is thick and resilient in the snow so it was considered a prize accessorie by many officers in the japanese army. If it wasn’t for the ‘Dog Man’ of northern Japan we may no longer have Akitas to admire. To learn more of their plight and beauty of the Akita Inu Dog Breed I recommend reading ‘Dog Man: An uncommon life on a faraway mountain’.

The Akita’s like so many other stoic dog breeds was bred as a fighting and hunting dog so they still carry that spirit with them today. It’s important to be aware of as they will benefit and repay you a thousand times with loyalty if you train the Akita well. There staunch stance and tall height with piercing eyes and raised tails certainly does contribute to their handsome reputation.

Of course Akita Inu Dog Breed was also made famous by the story of Hatchiko. Known in Japan as Chūken Hachikō (忠犬ハチ公 “faithful dog Hachikō” [‘hachi’ meaning ‘eight’, a number referring to the dog’s birth order in the litter, and ‘kō’, meaning prince or duke])


Hatchiko is wearing a harness and i’m sure he would have looked beautiful in a Leroy Madison Designer Dog Collar and Designer Dog Lead. I think we could design a dog collar and dog lead that is inspired by Hatchiko… Hmm what sort of dog collar or dog lead would you design?

The Weirdest Dog Collars Ever Made

Dog Collar MuseumThe Kookiest Dog Collars Ever Made!

So there are 100s of dog breeds and 100s of dog personalities and 1000s of dog collars made to suit some of those kooky dog personalities out there. At the dog park recently I was amazed to see a dog collar that was – well, not a dog collar at all! It was a ripped up t-shirt wrapped and looped to act as a make shift dog collar! It definitely looked comfortable. The t-shirt dog collar obviously wasn’t the permanent dog collar of choice as the dog had lost his permanent dog collar in the deep creek somewhere.

Seeing this funny scenario did get me to thinking about what is the weirdest dog collar ever made?

How about a floaty as a dog collar? A nice idea “use floaty dog collar in case of flood!” Might work well in a sudden tsunami or even a nightclub but maybe not on a day to day basis.

Floaty Dog Collar

So in my hunt for the strangest dog collar ever made I came across a Dog Collar Museum in Britain! I’m not kidding an actual museum in Leeds dedicated to dog collars!!!

If they weren’t so common I’d actually put the spikey dog collars in the weird category. They look great on some dogs and definitely match their owners personality but I can’t just imagine a dog waking up in the morning and saying “toughen me up with dog collar that makes me look like Billy Idol.”

Maybe these ones aren’t weird looking but the fact that million dollar dog collars are now being made and more frequently bought definitely fits the looniest dog collar list.

Have you ever made a make shift dog collar, or can claim the weirdest dog collar ever worn?

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Does your dog style stand out?

Stand Out From the Crowd with your dog

I often see a dog with a nylon rope for a dog lead – the sort of rope people use for a trailer tie down. It has numerous knots in it and I’m sure it cuts into the dogs throat when it goes for a walk because the dog likes to pull heavily on the lead.

Another dog I see has a big studded dog collar and I wonder how comfortable it would be for the dog. Surely the long studs would stick into it while it scratched itself or just be uncomfortable to properly rest it’s head on the ground because the studs are so long it would hold the neck up and out of position.

I see tatty, ripped, boring, falling apart dog leads and dog collars on dogs everywhere. My favourite off-beat dog collar was a t-shirt that needed to be used when the half chewed lead finely snapped while they were on an adventurous walk.
Little do they know they are my inspiration to change the boring dog collar culture!

I love Leroy and Madison’s dog collars being a talking point at the dog park. I mix up my dog collars and people have asked me how many I have. Being the Creative Designer for Leroy Madison I could basically have a different dog collar for every day of the week for both Leroy and Madison.

I enjoy seeing peoples reaction to the dog collars. Some admire from afar and others have to get in for a closer look, almost as though they can’t believe that a dog collar could be so beautiful.

I am proud to say Leroy Madison has started a quiet revolution in the dog park. I’m seeing more and more of our designs on dogs. I often walk into a conversation at the dog park about the lovely dog collars the dog owners have. I smile quietly to myself and know the boring dog collar culture is finally starting to change. Bring it on I say! A world of beuatifully designed high quality pet products that nurture our pets and match our lifestyle choices.