Akita Inu Dog Breed

The Akita Inu Dogs are one of the most beautiful calm yet powerful and strong dogs. They are native Japanese dogs and have a long history – luckily, as they almost became extinct during World War II. During the war the winters were very harsh and the north was isolated, food and amenities were rationed to poor everything into the war machinery. The unfortunate side affect of this was that dogs were not allowed to be kept, particularly Akita’s as they eat so much and also the dogs were killed for their coats. The Akita fur is thick and resilient in the snow so it was considered a prize accessorie by many officers in the japanese army. If it wasn’t for the ‘Dog Man’ of northern Japan we may no longer have Akitas to admire. To learn more of their plight and beauty of the Akita Inu Dog Breed I recommend reading ‘Dog Man: An uncommon life on a faraway mountain’.

The Akita’s like so many other stoic dog breeds was bred as a fighting and hunting dog so they still carry that spirit with them today. It’s important to be aware of as they will benefit and repay you a thousand times with loyalty if you train the Akita well. There staunch stance and tall height with piercing eyes and raised tails certainly does contribute to their handsome reputation.

Of course Akita Inu Dog Breed was also made famous by the story of Hatchiko. Known in Japan as Chūken Hachikō (忠犬ハチ公 “faithful dog Hachikō” [‘hachi’ meaning ‘eight’, a number referring to the dog’s birth order in the litter, and ‘kō’, meaning prince or duke])


Hatchiko is wearing a harness and i’m sure he would have looked beautiful in a Leroy Madison Designer Dog Collar and Designer Dog Lead. I think we could design a dog collar and dog lead that is inspired by Hatchiko… Hmm what sort of dog collar or dog lead would you design?

Alano Espanol Dog Breed

These elegant strong breed of dogs are originally from Spain; hence, why they are also often referred to by their more common dog breed name of Spanish Bulldog. The Alano Espanol have quite a austere presence to them because of there size, speed and strong chests. They definitely are very fit dogs with good muscle strength and athletic build for fast running.
The Alano Espanol have a beautiful short thick coat and a litter can sport a variety of colours including brindle, fawn, yellow and even world gray. The eyes and face are definitely bulldog similar but the stout seems to be more prominent.
Like most bull dogs the Alanos dog breed were bred for hunting and tracking down slaves. Because of the Spanish location they were also used during bullfights. During the 1960s when bullfighting became illegal the demand for Alanos Espanol dog breed died out giving concern that they may have become instinct.

Given the long history of the Alanos Espanol as a warrior dog anyone considering having one as a pet needs to assess carefully their ability to run the dog everyday. The amount of energy this dog breed can expend is quite incredible, and not harnessed nor released in a healthy way creates quite a frustrated big doggie.

If you do want a loyal strong friend than the Alano Espanol is the dog breed for you. Ofcourse when the dog is fully grown it will require a large dog collar. Some of the smaller Alano Espanol dogs will fit a medium dog collar and it’s always good to measure the dog collar size required first.