Don’t Blame the Dogs TV Show Review

New to Australian ABC 2 is a show called “Don’t Blame the Dogs”. The twelve part series presents dog training from a different point of view which makes it more entertaining than another Dog whisperer copy show. The last show for the is a great concept to experiment taking two bad dog owners out of their British homes and dumping them in the middle of Alaska with a husky sleigh team. The Alaskan team makes all the dog food and works a hard regime to ensure they have a winning sleigh team. The dogs are a mix of Husky and hound. I’m not sure what sort of hound – some of them look like hunting hounds, some look like the American Carolina, and of course some the husky. They sound like the American Carolina. We use to have a beautiful Carolina called Taylor who could also run and run and run and…

The TV Show Dont Blame the Dogs is actually quite hilarious. It’s great to see humans ‘being trained’ rather than it being about training the dogs. The fact that they are preparing prize winning dogs in a very cash competitive environment adds to the Brits stress and of course the shows entertainment drama.

Previous episodes can be watched online and headlines are: Lost Dogs Home, Melbourne Australia; Sheep Dogs, Australia; Army Dogs, Canada; Anti Rhino Poaching Dogs, Africa.

If you’re household needs a bit of hard yakka reality it’s definitely worth the watch. You’ll soon realise how lucky our urban dogs have it, and how easy it can be for us to take of them. More information is at ABC 2 or on BBC 3:


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