Hachi: A Dog’s Tale Film Review

Hachi is a beautiful Japanese Akita that bestows the most amazing loyalty to his master. This american film is based on a true story that originated from Japan about  Akita Hachikō. The original Japanese film was made in 1987; The Tale of Hatchiko.

The dog film follows the story of Professor Parker played by Richard Gere and his unexpected discovery of a true loyal dog friend. The two form a strong bond as Hachi grows up with Parker. Of course being a normal intelligent Akita, the dog master relationship is not one of silly games but of respect.

I found the story very touching – like most dog movies – however there’s a bond here that every dog lover understands and respects. A communication that requires no words, just time and support.

One of the great side effects of this dog film is the portrayal of the Akita breed. Many people are more familiar with the label of ‘Japanese fighting dog’ rather than as a loyal dog pet. While Akita’s have been used in dog sports, it’s a fallacy that that is all they are. They are strong, independent and very loyal & protective of there families. I’m glad that Hollywood has glorified this story because I hope that people who see realise that the Akita is not a vicious dog breed it’s just a few vicious humans that made them that way. It’s most definitely safe to say this a family movie for everyone to watch.

Dog Stars: Two Shiba Inu puppies, Adult Akitas – Forrest, Leyla & Chico
Stars: Richard Gere, Joan Allen, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
Genre: Family Drama
Duration: 93 min Director: Lasse Hallstrom
Writers: Stephen P. Lindsey, Kaneto Shindo
Producer: Bill Johnson, Vicki Shigekuni Wong Animal
Coordinator:Boone’s Hollywood Animals, All About Dogs

If you are interested in learning more about the wonderful dog trainers on the film; I found a great online article about the dog trainers at: http://www.vickiwongandhachi.com/the-amazing-animal-trainers-and-akitas-a-cautionary-tale.html


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