Eight Below Film Review

The Huskies and Malamutes dog film stars are just amazing!! Smart, beautiful and funny. This dog movie is a classic Walt Disney family movie. The story is based on true events in the Antarctic after an expedition gets pulled due to a major storm just before winter sets in and no travel is allowed. Jerry Shepherd the sled dog trainer is played by Paul Walker, and the love and respect for the dogs is well represented.

It’s great how the breadth of the Husky breed is represented so well in the pack. However, what’s not common knowledge is that the dogs the dog film is based on were actually Akitas and not Huskies nor Malamutes. While it’s most likely Hollywood didn’t have an Akita dog pack this for the film, it is a shame this little fact is misrepresented. In fact a few attribute the survival of the dogs in the Antartica to the fact they were Akitas utilising all their strength and fighting skills.

The depth of this story is with the dog characters, their pack relationship and challenges. The trainers must have had a field day looking for all the right dogs to play the lead roles, Maya and Jack. Oh I just love them! The patience a trainer must have is so commendable. Well done to head animal trainer Mike Alexander of Birds & Animals.  Story goes that in order to get the right representation of dogs the trainers actually ended up using a number of rescue dogs because they already had that will to survive and were so easily trainable. The huskies would look fantastic in Leroy Madison dog collars and dog leads!
Genre: Family Drama
Released: 2006
Director: Frank Marshall
Stars: Paul Walker, Jason Biggs, Bruce Greenwood, Moon Bloodgood


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