The Weirdest Dog Collars Ever Made

Dog Collar MuseumThe Kookiest Dog Collars Ever Made!

So there are 100s of dog breeds and 100s of dog personalities and 1000s of dog collars made to suit some of those kooky dog personalities out there. At the dog park recently I was amazed to see a dog collar that was – well, not a dog collar at all! It was a ripped up t-shirt wrapped and looped to act as a make shift dog collar! It definitely looked comfortable. The t-shirt dog collar obviously wasn’t the permanent dog collar of choice as the dog had lost his permanent dog collar in the deep creek somewhere.

Seeing this funny scenario did get me to thinking about what is the weirdest dog collar ever made?

How about a floaty as a dog collar? A nice idea “use floaty dog collar in case of flood!” Might work well in a sudden tsunami or even a nightclub but maybe not on a day to day basis.

Floaty Dog Collar

So in my hunt for the strangest dog collar ever made I came across a Dog Collar Museum in Britain! I’m not kidding an actual museum in Leeds dedicated to dog collars!!!

If they weren’t so common I’d actually put the spikey dog collars in the weird category. They look great on some dogs and definitely match their owners personality but I can’t just imagine a dog waking up in the morning and saying “toughen me up with dog collar that makes me look like Billy Idol.”

Maybe these ones aren’t weird looking but the fact that million dollar dog collars are now being made and more frequently bought definitely fits the looniest dog collar list.

Have you ever made a make shift dog collar, or can claim the weirdest dog collar ever worn?

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