Best Aussie TV Commercials featuring dogs!

Toyota TV Commercial
If you ever saw the Australian Toyota dog TV Commercials you’ll never forget it! This is definitely one of my favorite TV Ads. It’s an oldie but a goodie. Keep your eye out for the cute dog featuring in this TV Commercial. I think there was also a New Zealand version released, same visuals only with a funnier accent.

Toyota did a few TV ads with dogs in the ‘o bugger’ series. The blue healer in the tele commercial below I think pulled the short straw on what part she got to play. A good laugh none the less!

If you know of any other aussie TV commercials let us know, so we can pass onto our friends.

2012 Super Bowl Dog TV Commercials

When the USA Superbowl TV commercials are following a consistent theme you know that theme is a hit topic amongst the public. This year dogs have featured among quite a number of Superbowl TV commercials. Why? Well, because the love of dogs as part of the household family has really solidified over the last few years. One reason for the popularity is National Geographic TV series featuring Cesar Milan in the Dog Whisperer. It is also because we are becoming more conscious of the overall well being of pets in society through activism and magazine new reports.

Trends of dog popularity growth over the last decade have also vastly changed. The USA dominates with the highest number of dogs in a household with Australia coming in a close second and England third. Of course us Australians love our dogs, our working dogs, our foo foo dogs, our back yard dogs, and even the dogs the lie on the lounge šŸ˜‰

Below are some of our favourite 2012 NFL Superbowl TV Commercials featuring dogs. enjoy!

Suburu Vehicles:

I’m sure Leroy would love one of these but there’s no one I’m letting him drive. Madison, being a bush bred Kelpie would very much like a ute or something a little less city.

Volskwagon The Dog Strikes Back – a two part commercial. The teaser first below is a chorus of dog barking. Someone has a funny sense of humour:

The second, well hopefully it inspires your dog to get fit.

Dorito’s Dog Park is a bit kooky but entertaining none the less.

Sketches sneakers show how fast a pumped up french bulldog can goooo

Suzuki even has one this year featuring dogs

Check out a couple of our favourite Australian TV Commercials starring dogs