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We are committed to supporting dog communities and organisations who simply love dogs and want a better life for dogs.
If you represent a dog rescue shelter, dog healing and dog caring community please contact talk to us about how we can help.

In the meantime watch this most beautiful dog rescue of an abandoned blind dog: Dog Rescue People Are Amazing

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Ruff Renditions
Modern Pet Portraiture at its best. It’s rare to find really great art work that accurately and also favourably portrays our best buddies which is why I’m a big fan the Ruff Renditions work. They have years of experience in art and animal portraiture. Don’t tell Leroy or Maddie but favourite is actually the portrait of two beautiful cows!
Dog Directory Doggy Dossier
A great and thorough dog directory website listing all things dogs!! Of all the online dog directories Doggy Dossier is very easy to use and has a great extensive list of dog businesses, dog communities, dog events.. you name it they have it.
SA Dog Rescue
is a registered not-for-profit organisation, supported by volunteers in South Australia, dedicated to saving dogs from euthanasia, and finding them a new home where they can live the life they deserve.

SA Dog Clubs

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The Agility Dog Club of South Australia is dedicated to education in and the promotion of Agility as a safe but exciting sport for people of all ages, and dogs of all breeds. It is a home club for S.A.’s top-performing dogs in the State Agility Awards, and National Championships for the past many years. Leroy Madison were lucky to feature in the clubs recents magazines and donated winning leads & collars for it’s great members.  Leroy Madison Designer Dog Collars and Leroy Madison Designer Dog Leads are available in the beach side Semaphore (Adelaide, South Australia) at Add Character online4thepets – We believe pets are part of the family as well. The pet directory providing pet services from veterinary clinics through to pet friendly accommodation.

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