A Passion for Beautiful Durable Dog Products!

We are two professional business women who simply love dogs and who one day needed to buy two new dog collars.

We were very unimpressed with the dog products we found, even the online pet stores and designer dog stores were not satisfying. All the products appeared to be mass produced and none seemed to reflect our personalities nor our dogs individuality.
What we really wanted was a product that was unique and stood out from the rest, we couldn’t find such a product.

We quickly came to realise we may not be able to find the sort of products we really wanted and decided to investigate creating our own dog products business. We set out looking for manufactures from all over the world but we could not find the creative quality we were satisfied with and nor could we fathom having to order over a thousand dog collars, especially with the average styles we continually found in our search and the bulk ordering we were required to do only highlighted the mass production arena we wanted to avoid.

Hence the passion to design and create high quality handmade designer dog products began.
Our inspiration comes from both of our dogs Leroy (Golden Retriever aka Mr Personality) and Madison (Chocolate Kelpie – The Ol’ Gal)
We are now united to share our creative talents and high quality products with all those who love dogs and style. Our designer dog products are available in our online pet store and select retail outlets.

Stephanie BySouthLeroy Madison, Managing Director
Catherine DorrestynLeroy Madison, Creative Director

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